She Daddy

Queer design and engineering centering creativity, empathy, and curiosity

The personal is communal

Nothing happens in a vaccuum. All of us work, live, and play in a field of associations and relationships. Why limit our potential by relegating our action inside the boxes of work and play when the real transformitive work is often a mix of both.

She Daddy is working to bridge communities to create strong projects

SheDaddy is bringing action medicine skills to Underground Nightlife

In the midst of an opiate crisis and an increasing number of dangerous research chemicals being distributed, drug use in nightlife has unprecedented risk factors. Changing urban landscapes brought on by economic shifts are changing the nature and access of Nightlife spaces across America. By bringing comprehensive harm reduction skills and training as well as accessibility and safety consulting to undergound and DIY creative communities, She Daddy is empowering stakeholders to fight back against overdose and avert crises.

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